Et Voilà! was founded  in 2016 by Marion Guillaumin and Morgane Noël, two Frenchwomen living in San Francisco.
Their passion for authentic French food gave birth to this beautiful catering service and pop-up restaurant.
They fiercely believe the quality and freshness of the produce are paramount to the success of this endeavor.

morgane noel

Morgane Noël grew up in the Paris and Bordeaux regions surrounded by all things fish: her grandfather was a fisherman in Brittany and her parents sold fish in the Rungis market, known as the biggest European provider of fresh fish. She has learned cooking from spending long hours helping in the kitchens of her childhood as well as gourmet restaurants. Morgane loves the act of sharing involved in cooking and eating; not only in food, but also in memories, in connecting distant places and cultures in one sitting. Between France and San Francisco, she has spent some time living in Shanghai, expanding her taste bud sensitivities and understanding the true joy of sharing a meal. Et Voilà! is her and Marion’s gift to the serious and conscious foodies of San Francisco.

Marion guillaumin
Co-Founder, chef

Marion Guillaumin first fell in love with French cuisine from catching seafood in her native Brittany and experiencing its delicate flavors transforming in the kitchen of her childhood. Her palate developed greatly when she moved to San Francisco via Paris. Once away from France, she decided to pursue a career as a chef by getting an education at Le Cordon Bleu. She learned one truth that has guided her career to this day: good food must come from fresh, high quality ingredients. 
She enjoys entertaining with simple and traditional dishes as well as sophisticated multiple course meals. Seeing true pleasure on a customer’s face and sharing stories about the origin and quality of ingredients are the reasons why she founded Et Voilà! with Morgane Noël.